Benjamin Salasek

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What is Arduino?

Welcome to The Arduino Tutor!

For those of you who have never heard of Arduino (or never met Benjamin Salasek), Arduino is an open-source, electronic prototyping platform.


Basically, it includes two main components. The first is something called a micro controller which is like a computer chip. The second is a coding language based on C/C++ and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is a way to write software. You design a device and write code to put onto it.


It is a way to invent robotics & electronics from scratch! You can use all kinds of sensors and motors to make cool stuff! To get a better idea of what Arduino is, you can see what I've created here, Benjamin's projects.

If you would like to know more about Arduino, please see

Who is the Arduino Tutor?

Benjamin Salasek, The Arduino Tutor, lives in Ravenswood in Chicago, Illinois. Check out his website at

Benjamin has been building in the Arduino prototyping world for many years and does NOT have an engineering degree. He began with no coding experience, no knowledge of how circuitry works and no idea what was possible on the platform. Now, you can, too. With his guidance, you can achieve, in one session, what took him weeks to learn on his own.

You see, Benjamin did not have anybody to help him, so he had to research everything from scratch. While it was quite satisfying and still very fun, he always wished he could just ask somebody for help. Something that took him hours, days or even years to learn can be taught to you, by him, in mere minutes. He can get you from zero to confident Arduino explorer in as little as one session or as many as you want or need!


If you live near Chicago and have any interest in creating electronics or robotics, you've completed your first step by finding Benjamin Salasek, The Arduino Tutor! He's here to offer in person one-on-one or group tutoring sessions to beginners even with no experience whatsoever.

Benjamin offers sessions in North Chicago starting at 2 hours for $149 which includes a FREE Arduino starter kit! In this initial session, you will build a basic project of a glorious blinking LED! From start to finish including basic assembly, super basic coding (a few lines of simple code) and upload to the final product. If you already have some knowledge of circuitry, coding or electroncis, the session can be altered to suit your level. However, anybody can complete the basic blinking LED project with Benjamin's guidance even if you have zero experience.

After the first session, if you'd like to continue on the Arduino journey, you can come back for $60/hour. In these sessions, you can either do projects Benjamin has prepared or build your own project and just have Benjamin help you with questions or collaboration.